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About K9TeK  LLC

                                                  Why Work With Us

K9TeK, LLC is a boutique international firm focuses on developing innovative solutions to enhance the operational capabilities of K-9 teams. We provide a range of products and services based on our experience in the field of K-9 training and operations, law enforcement and counter terrorism and electronics engineering.

We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box, providing our clients with solutions that are most appropriate for their needs, not our bottom line.

 K9TeK’s team brings a host of unique, relevant backgrounds that complement one another and ensure our customers have an array of specialists at their fingertips. Our professionals have experience in K-9 organizations covering operations and   training of command, manpower and dogs we draw our experience from many years of service in military, law enforcement and other security related organizations.

Our network of partners and consultants consists of leading experts in the fields of K-9 breading and training, law enforcement and counter terrorism, correctional facilities and physical security.


Lt Colonel (Ret. IDF) H. Perry – Co-Founder/  Managing Partner and CTO; More than  40 years of experience in electronics engineering and security.

Colonel (Ret. INP) R. Gertner- Co-Founder/ Partner and COO; Over 30 years’ experience in police command   leading anti-terrorism and emergency response operations.

Mr. Amir Schwartz Esq.  – Co-Founder/ Partner Head of K9 Operations ; Over 30 years of experience in k9 units building and  operation , dog handler training, dog training and behavior.

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