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K-9 eZapper

An individually fitted  dog muzzle integrated with a  remotely controlled  high voltage  electric zapper (eZapper) that adds to the K-9 team deterrent and enables neutralizing a target without the risk of bites and related consequences

dog new1.JPG

K-9 Tactical Harness

A new multipurpose harness that enables the dog to operate efficiently under various conditions and carrying a variety of accessories including CCTV, protective plates and/or cooling packs.

IMG_1903 - Copy.JPG

K-9 Fast release tactical leash

 A new innovative dog leash that frees both hands of the dog handler; and also enables the freeing the dog without the need to bend down to its collar. This way the officer can keep his full attention ( or aim a weapon) to the target at all time and if needed operate a weapon( such as a rifle) with both hands

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