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K-9 eZapper


Individually fitted

An individually fitted  dog muzzle specifically for the dog breed and size. 

The  Muzzle is designed with large openings and padding to enable comfort wearing and long hours of operation eliminating the need to frequently removing it from the dog's face.

The muzzle is manufactured in 4 styles to fit the specific breed  and in 4 deferential sizes (for each style) to fit the dog's size.

All muzzles are made of high tensile heavy duty  galvanized steel and all junctions are welded

the muzzle is fully coated with non conductive smooth black PVC to electrically insulate it.


Easy  Flexible  Operation

The K-9  eZapper is made up of modular components easy to connect and disassemble foe maximum flexibility and efficiency. 

The Remote operation is via a hand held or warren light weight transmitter.  the operator may choose one of three modes:

  • A single 3 seconds electric jolt

  • A " train " of 10 X3 second electric jolt

  • Abort and stop jolts

The unit generates a visible spark that acts as a warning as well as a deterrent.


dog new1.JPG

Safety and Efficiency

 A new innovative dog leash that frees both hands of the dog handler; and also enables the freeing the dog without the need to bend down to its collar. This way the officer can keep his full attention ( or aim a weapon) to the target at all time and if needed operate a weapon( such as a rifle) with both hands.


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